Bucket List # 1- The (Sc)poop on Kopi Luwak

Okay , so now list is made…time to research and elaborate !

Item # 1 : Kopi Luwak Coffee

A couple of years back my aunt ( who hails from Coorg region in India , known for it’s coffee plantations) introduced me to well…Poop Coffee. Yeah I know it sounds really disgusting !

Little did I know then ( I must’ve been about 18-19 years old ) that the KOPI LUWAK which is made from Civet poop is one of the MOST expensive coffees in the world.

It can retail for almost as much as $ 350/kg !!!

Wondering what is so special about this coffee ?

The Indonesian word “kopi” means coffee.

The word Luwak refers to a small wild animal native to Indonesia and Vietnam.

So you know what coffee is… what’s this luwak critter?

Known as the luwak, luak, musang, toddy cat, civet, palm civet and civet-cat, many people believe it is a wild cat. It is actually a cousin of the mongoose.

The animal can range from four to eleven pounds and is largely nocturnal. While it is an omnivore, the luwak is particularly fond of perfectly ripe coffee cherries. Thanks to coffee farmers, the luwak has no troubles finding plenty of coffee.

Once eaten, the coffee cherries take the normal route through the animal’s digestive path. The amazing thing is while the fruit of the coffee is being digested, the bean is left largely unchanged, eventually passing in the animals droppings.

The droppings and their caffeine-laden content are collected by farmers. The coffee is then cleaned and the green, un-roasted bean shipped to roasters. YUCK !

Ok so why are people willing to shell out so much money for Shit ?

Research has determined that coffee passed by a luwak has been changed chemically. Specifically the process seems to break down some of the bean’s proteins which are known to contribute to the bitterness of coffee.

When coffee, like other fruit, is harvested, not all the fruit will be perfectly ripe. Since the majority is ripe and it is to be combined for use, the end product comes out well; however, if you have an animal which naturally selecting only the ripest fruit you will end up with a product of unparalleled quality.

Does one fall sick after consuming this coffee ?

Research shows that due to the thorough washing, the luwak coffee may even have a lower bacteria level than other coffees. Certainly whatever the washing process misses the roasting process will make up for.

While I cannot say I have tried this rarest of all coffees I have had a sip of this about a couple of years back and I was too young then to be able to appreciate it and hence this features on my to-do list.





Also feel free to visit the following sites for further information :









There is a guy ‘Ganesh’ in BR Hills in South who is apparently the only producer of this coffee in India. He calls it KARIBECK KAPI.


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