Things I dislike….

I hate nosy people, I seriously detest them. I think people should learn to manage their own lives and focus on that. What I dislike even more the category of people who act all cool and indifferent but actually spend their time snooping around people’s lives….


Stop being so nosy....


Honestly I feel bad for you….you know who you are….you know why this post is going up here….I know you’re reading it…my advice is GET A LIFE and till then let mine be…it’s none of your business what I do, where I go, who I know, what I eat, what I wear and how I feel. If I liked you & you were close enough and you mattered I’d tell you and most of all STOP BEING SO FAKE….


2 thoughts on “Things I dislike….

  1. This just mirrors my feeling so exactly.

    All I say is “Live and Let Live”

    I don’t care what you do. I let you be.
    You don’t care what I do. Just let me be.

  2. Yeah ! totally…but some people hve no life of their own…they act all cool…but they are so not…I actually feel sorry for that lot….

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