Crossing Over…

I stand at the border between 25 and 26….

in 12 hours I will cross over to the other side….

Usually a Fan of Birthdays, this year I wish to run, wish to hide……

The journey has been great, with its ups and downs,

With many a smiles and of course a few frowns….


The last year brought with it life’s lessons,

New friends made, some old ones I had to let fade…

Annie walked into my life….

So did Sameer with his  wonderful wife 🙂 ( VA <3)

My old friends who stood by me

Thank you , for what would I do without thee….

                                                                  To the new people I have met… 🙂               (you know who you are :p)

You have taught me to aspire (be greedy) and work towards what I want

Rather than just fret… 😉

Last year I met Malz et all

With you guys in my life it’s all a big ball 🙂


Who knows what life’s got in store

I pray and hope it’s journey full of fun  

And not a big bore….


Last year has taught to Keep Calm,

To be patient and Trust in God,

To keep my eyes open for people who maybe Fraud !

Travelled I have much this past year

To New countries and cities I have been

Many funny and weird things I have seen!


I may run and may try to hide

But 26 I guess it’s time to embrace you with zest and pride….

A year full of fun, peace, warmth and success is all I ask…

God to keep me happy and smiling can’t be such a tall task….


And alas, the time has come…

To step it up….and cross over 🙂


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