In my eyes….

‘US’ is perfection in my eyes,

Like the stars we love to gaze at in the skies…

I have only wanted to be a part of your heart,

From the very begining , the very start,

I have hoped to be with you and for us never to be apart.

This bond that we share…

We make such a wonderful pair, one to which nothing in the world can compare.

When we first got talking , it was life’s plan that I was chalking

You grew to be so much more than I thought you would,

I learnt that I can love more than I thought I could.

I learnt to be my warm,funny,clumsy self again

With you around I could see me in you and we know that in me you see you too !

And that’s a bond shared by very few…

As we stand where we do, our moments spent together like polaroids lay astrew,

Promise you I will this much,

We are perfect and and one of a kind

Another like our bond,love and respect you will not find.

In your eyes I see our present, our future and past, 
By the way you look at me I know we will last…

I hope that you too have come to realize, 
How perfect we are in my eyes.

You to me are so much more than a friend,

Be there for you and with you I want to be at life’s every bend..

Oh how I pray that this is the beginning…and not the end… 😦 


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