Best Advice…

It’s funny I haven’t blogged about this yet….

In 2006-07 during my stint in Singapore a bunch of us were out to New Asia Bar (also one of my favourite places in SG) .It was a long evening , that had started off on Boat Quay with Happy Hours and had led to dinner followed by lounging at New Asia Bar.

Being the youngest in the group I was ever ready to glean some advice off my friends and I happened to ask one of them what would be the most life-changing piece of advice she could give me. It was a random question but one that changed the way I looked at life….

Having stayed on her own from the young age of 16, this 26 year old had lived in 4 countries, done multiple jobs, shifted careers, broken hearts and had had her own share of adventures….After a moment of thinking, this is what she had to say –

  1. Stay fit and invest in Yourself
  2. Don’t Bullshit Yourself
  3. Laugh Loud and often
  4. Don’t spend your life waiting for the ‘ Right Time/Opportunity/Person’, in the end it’s the journey that counts….
  5. Make a difference while you can.
  6. Don’t take shit. Stand up for Yourself.



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