Vonderful Vinegar…

Oops….I stepped into the kitchen today and didn’t realise that the refrigerator door was ajar. I tried to push it close and when I did the 3 eggs fell onto the floor…

Yeah I know…I hate that smell too ! So here’s a quick remedy that worked for me…

– I took an old rag /dishcloth ( that I did not mind disposing off) and cleaned up the mess with it.This is key , as you want to ensure the egg doesn’t spread.

-Then I took some detergent and scrubbed the floor with that and the dishcloth (after I rinsed it thoroughly).

– Then I took Vinegar and poured it on that patch on the floor.

– Then I cleaned the patch again.

– Then I took some aroma oil and poured 2-3 drops on that spot.

And the smells vanished ! The Kitchen smells of lavender 😀

Tips :

– The only exception to this is a marble floor, you should never use vinegar on marble floors.

– You can also pour table salt over the spilled egg.Wait for 10-15 minutes. The salt with absorb the goo of the egg and allow you to quickly mop up the mess without spreading egg whites all over your floor.


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