Time to say Adieu….

You know I quit work and today was my last day ! While I have a bunch of options in my head , I plan to take a break and figure life out for a while…

As part of my Farewell at work, I decided to express how I feel through words from my heart…and so I wrote a poem for my people at work.

4.5 years is a long time , it makes you feel like work ( where you spend 70% time) is like second home….

My first experience, the first firm I have ever worked with…it will always be close to my heart and so will the people who have been there for me and supported me and mentored me….

Here’s to my friends at work…from my heart … to theirs….

Life is a journey that we must tread,

Yet there are a few moments that we all dread.

 The time has come to leave the old and embrace the new,

And with a heavy heart I must leave all of you.

I Thank You all for the support and encouragement,

Your contribution in making me who I am , a lot it has meant.

 As I embark on a new journey , armed with experience gained over time,

I try to express my gratitude through this rhyme.

 Four and a half years have passed,

Many a fond memories have been amassed.

My days with all of you at work will be greatly missed

Yet as with all good things , this stint too comes to an end.

 This is not a Goodbye or a Farewell

Where Life takes me, only time will tell.

 With a heavy heart tomorrow from ASK Family I will part,

To face new challenges and a new start.

Yet remember we are only a phone call apart !


 Thank You once again for the support and love shown,

Especially Shuja, Kamal ,Rajesh and Sameer,

Mentors like you are very few !

It is only because of your belief and guidance that I have as a person grown !

 I wish all of you Life’s very best,

May you all do well in every test !


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