Atma Partnerships Program | Spark the Rise Indian Projects

Atma Partnerships Program | Spark the Rise Indian Projects.

Do you remember those extra classes you took in school ? The time we spent huddled over notes and books while we crammed for exams? The day we graduated from school and university? The day we started our first jobs?

We have had a relatively comfortable life – born into families that are educated, progressive and supportive ( both emotionally and financially), yet there are millions out there who can only dream to have amenities that we take for granted.

Atma aims to help those children who deserve an equal chance at receiving quality education. By partnering with NGOs in the Education space it helps multiply your reach to 1000s of kids that need the assistance to live their dreams. Kids who are bright, deserving and ready to work hard to live their dreams but are struggling due to lack of facilities, equal opportunities and basic amenities.

Education is the only way for a community and country to truly progress.

Help ATMA by just voting for them and help Spark the Rise. Your contribution is now just click away!

I did my bit….and you?



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