It’s all about Trust !

If somebody asked me what is the key ingredient for a successful relationship I would say TRUST is..

Be it the bond between lovers or that between a child and his parents or even an employee and his employer I think that the foundation of any relationship should be the bricks of Trust.If people don’t trust each other they will always be in doubt and will never be at ease or themselves with each other…They would be able to be themselves and show their true side/potential..

A child would never learn to walk or ride the bike without support if he dint at the back of his mind know his father/mother/sibling/teacher or even grandparent would catch him if he fell …

Long distance relationships would never work out if there was no trust involved…

Having said that,I have also come to believe that while one should be trusting or open to trusting somebody it is equally important to let the trust grow with time and experience…from somebody who believed in the “trust until proven wrong” philosophy, I have grown to be somebody who is more self-aware and have learnt to take life with a pinch of salt….

I now believe that people should be given the opportunity to earn the trust – one should be open about letting people into their hearts and lives and about giving them a chance to earn the trust instead of blindly trusting everybody right from the very start…


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