Has it ever happened to you that you wake up and it hits you that Life is just passing you by ?

Have you ever felt like you want to hit the pause button on Life’s remote ? I woke up this morning feeling just that… October 3rd flashed on my mobile phone’s screen… I realised it has been 2 weeks since I began a new chapter in my life and that so much has happened already !

It also made me think about how I want things to pan out..almost 2 months since my 26th birthday and I haven’t done much on my to do list..

Maybe it’s time I got my act together,paused Life and started looking at the bigger picture and plan towards that !


2 thoughts on “Pause..

  1. oh that has definitely happened to me. as a matter of fact, i ask myself the meaning of my life every single day because aside from what i would call my “philosophy” and my blog, i haven’t really accomplished anything to be considered significant by society. i’m also 26 right now by the way. anyways i hope we both find what we’re looking for. thanks for posting!

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