Who are you ?

Have you ever known somebody for years or very closely for a short while and then something they say or do makes you wonder if you ever knew them at all ?

It could be one of your closest friends who in a moment of envy or in an attempt to put their interests first ends up hurting you or harming you…

It could be that guy or girl you dated and thought that he or she was the one or was so perfect or even just that he or she would never say/do/think such a thing and there ! You wake up one morning to realize how wrong you’ve been about them the entire time….

Sometimes humans create an image of a person in their minds and the image slowly blinds them enough that they can’t see the flaws in their friend or lover or boss or teacher or even sibling…I think this stems from our need to feel right,happy or even belong…

It may also be that you know somebody and then that person grows with time into somebody you don’t like as much…

Whatever the reason, friends/siblings/lovers often have fall outs because one of them wakes up one morning looks at the other and wonders “Who are you ?”
I’ve felt that way … Have you ?


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