3 days without BBM, heaven or hell ?

Ok this post is inspired by Sasha’s BB status update this morning…
I’m sure the past 3 days have been quite interesting for most of my friends and I have seen updates echoing relief that the BB services have been restored.

I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier but in the month of September I went off BB – no not just the messenger but the device itself and was using this basic 900 baht Samsung phone I picked up for emergency use this July…no camera and no internet !

So what did I get out of doing that ? To be honest I got a LIFE ! No kidding !

A self professed BB addict , I had over 300 BB contacts,was constantly on Facebook and was always accessible…by EVERYBODY ! I had 4 email accounts that would pour in mails all day and my heart would at times skip a beat at pings received…

A month off BBM and this is how I feel now –
– For starters I dint miss BB services for the past 3 days. :p
– My old phone helped me have the most interesting or well amusing conversation at a bar that may take me a long way and may coz permanent damages :p
– It helped me cut “Fluff” out.
– I actually started calling people up to make plans/catch up and get updates … This made me realize who I really wanted to keep in touch with etc…
– It made me realize who wanted to keep in touch with me…people facebooked me to get my # so they could call…
– I started respecting my time and energy a lot more. I was able to ‘switch off’ more often…something I had been so good at before BB happened to me…

Why then should I return to my BB ?
– like they say in the Gita – the challenge is to live amidst it all ,be connected and yet be disconnected.. ;)I realized that BB makes my work life easier (given I’m on the road so much!)..
– I needed to connect with friends abroad and this is the best/cheapest/most convenient way..
– I needed to see if I can keep the ‘Fluff’ out of my life…

I’ll be honest I dint think I would survive my BB sebatcle…but I did and I’m proud of it. I did not miss it…I don’t BBM anymore , nor do I broadcast my life as my status…I just use my phone as a phone and to check my emails or blog once in a while…I’m loving it that way !

I’m a happier and more peaceful person post BB rehab…it worked for me and I recommend u try it too !


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