Jet Journey with Jeff…


 I think random encounters is what makes life so interesting !  This Saturday evening I had one such encounter on our flight back from Kochi.
After a 2 hour delay our flight was finally ready to take off and that’s where we met Jeff and his girl.Megha and I were flying back to Mumbai and it was when we sat in the craft that she mentioned her love for flying ( NOT) .I’m an indifferent flyer…as long as my flight gets me to where I am supposed to I don’t fuss over whether its economy/business/first class nor do I really care about what airline ( as long as its a short/domestic flight) I am flying.
So anyways back to my story right…Megha mentioned she hated take offs and for me this was a first time experience sitting next to somebody who had a fear of flying. As we were talking the guy next to Megha overheard our chatter and mentioned he’s not that good at flying as well ! Haah ! So there was me with 2 co passengers who were not too thrilled and to make things worse the flight was very turbulent…
 To distract himself and her Jeff ( the American Guy from California) began to talk ing to Megha  and me and given that the flight was turbulent boy was I happy to be part of the conversation.We spoke for about  45  odd minutes and exchanged notes on jobs, countries, relationships and families. It was all quite interesting !
Jeff was flying to Delhi via Mumbai to go visit his girlfriend’s aunt, who turned out to be Ms. Naina Lal Kidwai ( being the feminist I am , she’s a role model of sorts for me). He was also telling us of his visits to Mumbai and his experience in an auto rickshaw and the Breach Candy Club 🙂 the conversation went on from places we’ve seen , the things we do and the books we read. Quite interesting to get an outsider’s view on our city 🙂
It was a random encounter but made the journey interesting … Even though we won’t in all likelihood meet Jeff or his girl again,Megha and I will always look back at this flight back and smile as we think of our Jet flight with Jeff 🙂
P.s. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to over come the fear of flying ? I’m going to try and work on this and get Megha ( who is a really cool girl and worthy of being one of my Power Puff girls 😉 ) to overcome this.
Also Jeff, if you happen to chance on this post , leave me a comment ! 🙂  The book i recommended was Shantaram and the Indian author was Chetan Bhagat , just in case you forgot !

2 thoughts on “Jet Journey with Jeff…

  1. hiya! Enjoyed meeting you both as well. Thanks for the book suggestions…i’ll defiinitely check them out. Off to singapore tomm morning, then, finally, home!
    Be well

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