Ray of Hope…!

Bandra is a fun place to live in…like my friend Rocky calls me ” bandra girl” I pride myself in hailing from this part of burbs…

The latest trends , stores and eateries come here first ! Mexican,italian or chinese we have something for everybody ! Being a foodie ,this gives me a big reason to ♥ Bandra even more…

Through a series of posts I’m going to review eateries I love in Bandra…my list of MUST TRYs !

Let me start with Ray’s Pizza – a small,cute and almost romantic cafe sitting cozy on Hill Road. Perfect for a evening of catch up with friends the USP for me is that it offers yummylicious pizza by the slice – NY style a concept available in Mumbai.

Priced to fit the student budget ( pizza by the slice starts from Rs. 90 approx) and a meal for 2 could cost around 500 bucks this one’s worth a try.

Things I’ve tried and recommend are –

1. The Veg Lasagne
2. Pizza – pepperoni, ham, plain cheese margarita

3. Ice Tea
4. Chicken caesers salad.
5. Good ol’ apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on the side.
6. French fries !

They do home delivery as well ( with a 10 pcnt service charge) and can be called at :-
Tel. 26451414 / 26451616


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