Diwali is here…

As I sit at my desk today and look around my office is almost empty , people are off to greet clients and most are on leave. I am done with meeting my set of clients and Diwali this year will be a low-key affair at my place , since my granny passed away just a few months back….

Anyways I made a list of things I love about Diwali every year ( to brighten things up 🙂 ) , things I look forward to and the ones that make me happy 🙂 . Some have become a tradition at home and some I guess I’ll look forward to next year –

– I love the buzz in the air , it’s awesome how markets are busy and people are chirpy and happy and there’s so much hustle bustle.

– I love how the street is lit with lanterns and people have tea lights and traditional lamps ( diyas) at home !

– I love the rangoli I make each year at home and the one I help with at work. This year at my firm we made a rangoli that was so beautiful ! It made up for the fact that I won’t be making one at home this year….

Rangoli @ Work

– I just love the Diwali gifts I receive from clients and associates at work 😀 , I’m sure you do too !

– I love the yummy food that gets circulated around @ work – brownies, chocolates ( though I don’t love those pesky calories that come along for sure 😛 )

– I love receiving and sending Diwali greetings to friends – old and new. I think it’s the best reason to catch up !

Diwali Dinner with my girls !

Diwali @ office

 I love my Diwali dinners with my friends ( though this year it’s something I will miss, coz I’m keeping it low-key…)

– I love hosting my Diwali dinner at home ( another thing I will miss out I guess ! )

– I love how my family does Pooja at home on Diwali day , dressed up in new clothes , we sit around pray for a bit and then each one shares how the year has been special the good things that happened and also what they are looking forward to…this is my favourite part actually. We share stories we have read or even things that made a difference. My friend Medha has been part of this in 2009 and knows what I’m talking about…( Meds…miss ya !)

– I love how I go donate fire crackers ( just sparklers) at an orphange in Bandra. Something I am looking forward to this year 🙂

– I love our Diwali drive to my aunt’s place in Cuffe and the fireworks and happy faces on marine drive.

– I love our customary cuppa at Shamiana 🙂 ( though last year we skipped this ! ) .

What do you love about this festival ?

And hey –  HAPPPY DIWALI !!!! ❤ ❤


Share your views !

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