To God’s own country and back !

The House boat

I needed to get out of Mumbai ! You know I think I love the city life etc but it’s great to get out of this rut and spend 2-3 days in a scenic and peaceful location every once in a while.  I had never been down south , the farthest I had been ( Sri Lanka doesn’t count here) was The Lalit property in Goa ( which is on the Goa – Karnataka border). So when the opportunity presented itself for me to head to God’s own counrty I was thrilled.

To be honest , I always wondered why it was called ‘God’s own country’ , I mean there are such beautiful properties around the world , then why market this one as something so heavenly. For those of you in doubt…boss…I have one piece of advice – go check it out for yourself !

I’m a believer after my short trip to Kochi/Kumarakom last weekend. It’s funny that our flight from Mumbai was as short/long as the drive from Kochi airport to the Zuri resort but well , the drive was peaceful and the roads good so I’m not complaining !

We stayed at the Zuri Kumarakom and I was really impressed by the property. It was just what the doctor ordered – green,peaceful and even romantic !

The food there was ok , I’m not too fond of coconut based curries ( yeah I know I love Thai curries once in a while ) but eating it for 4 meals in a weekend was a bit much !

I din’t get to see much other than the airport and the resort and it gives me a reason to want to go back and explore more but whatever little I saw from my room and the houseboat we rented I agree with whoever thought that it was God’s own country for the very first time !

Link to the resort –

The spa – Maya spa is great and it’s a good thing too , given there is little else to do over the weekend in the resort.

A few pictures from my trip…and you will see why I am in love with the place !



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