Importance of communication…

I think the key to any successful relationship is communication..the lack of that can kill an absolutely healthy one.

Issue is that people after a point of knowing each other begin to take each other for granted, they assume that people will ‘understand’. I think that’s the first step towards a relationship disaster…

Everybody has their own idea of where they stand in the other individuals life..this generally is based on their interactions with them and is reasonably accurate. However what we fail to realise is that everybody around us is trying to figure life and their way out and you never know what rubs them the wrong way and causes issues.

Misunderstandings should be discussed as and when they arise. The people involved should ideally sit face to face and talk it out. The lack of doing this can only lead to compounding the issues multifold.

It takes a lot of time for us to get comfortable with people and to ‘trust’ them and such small incidents could do more damage than anticipated.

How much is too much then we ask ?

I think that its important the issue is identified and egos kept aside one person calls this issue out and initiates the ‘chat’ , it can’t be one sided , it maybe once or twice but after that the other individual will just give up…we all have busy lives and who needs more drama … Right ?

In our busy lives I think its key to resolve issues as and when they crop up..else we get busy and it just builds…

I try to be as communicative as possible but at times I think taking a step back and being in the passenger seat isn’t a bad idea and is something I need to learn to do… After all in any kinda relationship – family,friends,colleagues and that between lovers , It takes two to tango !

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