Why people run ?

As I’ve mentioned before Jan 2012 I’m going to attempt the Half Marathon and while I do on some evenings find myself huffing and puffing my way through Jogger’s park in Bandra , there are a tough few months that lie ahead…

And while I’m trying to compile a play list for my run (guys any suggestions are welcome here ) …I look for people and things to draw inspiration from…here’s one that I read this morning and was like oh ! That sounds like why I run !

” There are a lot of reasons that I run. Some are simple. Others, less. In the end it helps me find who I am. What was, in the beginning, just something to do is now a focal point of my life. The freedom, the camaraderie, the feeling of flying down the street and gliding along with the wind in my face. It is an amazing experience.”

– Arjun Gupta, high school cross-country and track runner in Charlotte, North Carolina

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3 thoughts on “Why people run ?

    • Hey ! Thanks for the wishes , I need it..I seem to have good run days and lousy ones…off late I’ve started getting a shoulder pull once I hit my first 10 km 😦 that’s slowed me down this week…my legs won’t stop but my shoulder just wont stop paining either 😦

      Do you run as well ?

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