Why do people run ?

I run to stay fit,to de-stress and to tone up. When I run I feel lighter in my head and during my run I process life and the events that take place through the day.

Thinking while I run is the best take away from running vis-a-vis any other sport for me. Of course the toning up and losing weight is awesome too , but for me it is all a by product of my run.

With the half-marathon in sight the next 2.5 months are going to be dedicated to fitness and detoxing and adapting to a healthier,fuller lifestyle !

My step 1 towards doing this is that I will not consume any alcohol till my run ! ( I will only permit myself to consume wine at a friends wedding in Sri Lanka) but apart from it no one off weekend beers or sangrias will be happening till January for me (even during brunch..sigh). Not to say I consume too much alcohol/regularly drink (on a weekend a glass of sangria or two is max ) but its a mental rule to build in discipline into my system till the race…

Keep reading for more updates and the many changes ill be making to be a healthier person !

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