Why do people run ?

Isn’t Life a race ? Isn’t it one where the path needs to be discovered as we go along but the key thing is to believe and stay confident and to keep running till the end and get to that job,school,girl,boy or promotion first ?

As it stands now , 2 months from race day I can only cover 14 km at a time and I’m not feeling too confident 😦 that I’ll complete the race… I was mentioning this to my friend Mihir last night who said he had confidence in my ability to finish the race…and then it hit me..isn’t that what our friends and family do in Life ,guide and support and cheer us on as we cross milestones and chance upon obstacles along the course ?

I came across this quote this morning and it inspired me to write this post..funny,its just what I needed at this point in my training 🙂

“They say that the most important thing about a marathon is showing up at the starting line healthy. I’ll agree, but the second most important thing is showing up confident, and I’m feeling that’s well within my reach.

Peter Sagal”

I guess I just gotta keep believing and Run On !!

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