It’s those small little things…

A 12 hour work day is not something I look forward to…especially one that starts at Belapur and ends at Churchgate…so how do I compensate for this ?

A crazy day is followed by some Annie TLC time (read as Annie licking and smothering me and thinking I’m a toy … Va will prolly take a video of the whole act next time :p ) + a good walk/stroll in Pjs ( yes I was totally kicked about walking on carters in PJs and Fit Flops, a first for me ) ♥ with Virginia as we discuss random stuff – the bandra fest,the crazy work week,bwoyz Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ or the lack of ’em ( ok not so much of a discussion , just a mere mention ) and of course the crazy fun weekends that lie ahead for us both.

How does one make things better ? Well to that you add a book exchange ( Va and I switched books and I ended up with one hundred years of solitude for my flight and she with Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert) and a quick lukha stopover at our new favourite adda (hangout) Yoghurtbay !

While Va decided to stick to a combination of mixed berry + strawberry+ plain yoghurt( in support of Breast Cancer ) , the chocomaniac in me got me to pick a nutella topped plain yoghurt and we sat outside the store , like teenagers and gossiped !

Totally made up for a crazy work day and 4 hours of travel…sigh !

As Va takes off to Lanka , I prep for my Dilli trip ( loads of fun lies ahead ! ) Yayyyy ! Updates on trip coming up soon ! Xoxo

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