A morning with Nanu that warmed me up :)

Woke up this morning to the sound of my grandfather instructing the househelp (loudly) to keep it low and quiet so I may catch up on the much needed sleep haa ! Cute ♥

After a nice and sinful breakfast with the cousins I spent some time with my nanu…he’s one of my favourite people in the world.. Really ! I totally look up to him in a lot of ways… A man of many values , a father of 3 girls , he brought them all up like sons – educated,self dependent and gave them the values that the world admires them for 🙂 ( hats off ! )

A man who spent 18 years taking care of his wife as she slowly succumbed to the pain and her illness in July this year 😦 , this was the first time I was meeting him since nani passed away… 😦

I wasn’t sure what I could say or do to make him feel better … But I dint need to..he broached the topic on his own and started narrating anecdotes of how he met nani and how they fell in love 🙂
Such a lovely story to hear and the look on his face and the sparkle in his eyes warmed me up on this winter morning…

It’s these small things that make life soooo wonderful… I hope someday I find somebody who will feel this way about me too 😀

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