The “Pawar” of one tight slap…

Thanksgiving day is about thanking people for what they give us and how they are….Harvinder Singh of Rohini , Delhi was inspired by this when he printed his palm on Mr. Sharad Pawar’s cheek yesterday…( 24th November 2011)

I won’t lie my reaction to the incident was one of happiness and pride ! Singh is King I said ! Proud to be Punjabi , I was exhanging jokes about this whole episode and the only thing that worried me a little was that there were rumours of trouble brewing in Lower Parel and Dadar as a result of this incident.

Little did I know that this same event would ruin my evening plans…..Shilpa and I decided to catch up over coffee @ Moshes in Palladium and as soon as we got there post work we heard shouts in protest of Harvinder’s act of machoism and saw a bunch of NCP workers force the shutters down inside Palladium ! Imagine that ! Fearing the worst ( coz you really dont know how these goons can be ) we ran outside , only to find us stranded for about 2 hours looking for a cab…..

We walked it to Four Seasons ( coz we thought it was safe and waited till they got a ride arranged for us ) and waited there for about an hour…..

My takeaway from the evening yesterday : –

1. Mr. Pawar , let this event be a precedent for all of your buddies. People are nearing breaking point and this is what can happen.

2. Singh is King !

3. NCP goons that demanded an India Bandh were kidding themselves by thinking anybody gave a damn about the slap ! Most were wishing that Pawar followed Gandhian Principles ( and wouldve then extended his other cheek 😉 )

4. Some people are not worth the stress over…and such people I am better off without ( in any capacity)

5. The Public transport system in Mumbai Sucks ! and it’s high time I sorted my car issues out !

6. Last but not the least – no matter how bad my day , Youghurtbay makes it all ok 😀


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