Brunching with my BFF…

Some people are really special, they’re so special that every time you meet them it warms you up and brightens life! Add to that a 2.5 year old doll, with a thick British accent (Shaz my lil doll <3)  yummy food and you have the recipe for a great Sunday afternoon.
This Sunday I hung out with one of my most favorite people in the world. Jums is a friend from school and got married and moved to UK in 2005. The distance has only increased my fondness for her and even though I wish many a time that she were in Mumbai, it’s always great to meet her when she visits Mumbai. We pick up from where we left off J
About 2.5 years back she brought little princess Shazia into the world. I love kids, but the ones that are in the age group 2-7 are my favorite. Innocent, inquisitive and adorable, they’re full of love and life. We caught up over a lazy and sumptuous brunch at the Lotus café at the JW Mariott in Juhu (Mumbai) and the minute we sat down , we transformed into giggling girls , gossiping and catching up , exchanging notes on work , life and love….
The few hours spent with Shazia filled me up with joy and by the end of the afternoon we were on good terms (I hope she will remember me now that she’s older J ). Though the time was short, it was for the first time that I spent quality time with her and I think this time I will look forward to her return in Feb even more than ever!
It added to my already perfect weekend in a BIG way and I look forward to skyping with her soon !

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3 thoughts on “Brunching with my BFF…

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