Help me spread the cheer this season !

If you are reading this post , you have chanced upon an opportunity to do your bit to make a difference and touch the lives of many children in the city of Mumbai , by supporting the cause of Quality Education. Want to know more ? Read on ! ( p.s. this is not a scam 🙂 I’m actually based out of Mumbai and as you can tell from my other posts this is my personal blog about things that matter to me ! None of the proceeds will go to me , nor will I have any right to them.

The money will directly be used by Atma to support their partner NGOs , however if you are planning to help , please leave me a comment so I know the funds have come from you or you may choose to email me at

So go ahead read on !  

Every year I resolve to set a new goal for me to achieve. Last year I started off with the Dream Run (6km) at the Mumbai Marathon 2011 and this year I decided to push myself a little more and attempt the Half Marathon (21km) at the Mumbai Marathon 2012 (15th January 2012)

 What makes this attempt even more special is that this year as well I will be running for my ‘soul’ a cause I hold close to my heart. As many of you are aware that for the past 2 years I have been partnering with Atma , an NGO that works to create Quality Education accessible to underprivileged children and young adults. We do this by creating partnerships with innovative educational organizations through a customized service offering: consultancy, volunteers, training and advocacy and over the past 4 years, Atma has supported the access to Quality Education of over 11,000 children in Mumbai.

Our partner organizations include Muktangan, Mumbai Mobile Crèches, Nareshwadi, CHIP, The Foundation for Mother and Child Health, Reality Gives (that works towards accessible quality education for the youth of Dharavi) and CHILDReach (a tailored learning environment for children with special learning needs).

 Each day I hit the track, motivated and charged with the knowledge that every stride gets me closer to making a difference to the lives of these children. Those of you who have witnessed my dedication towards this cause will know how close to my heart this race and organization is.

 I now turn to you, my friends, to help me make a bigger impact by sponsoring my run at the Half Marathon.

 Wondering how?

 Help me make a difference by donating as little as Rs 500 ($10) towards Atma’s endeavor. You could do this by:-

 1. Visiting the following links:-  

 ·         Within India :

 ·         International donations :!donate

 2. Sending across Cheques in favor of ‘Atma Education’

 Atma will provide 80G certificates for all donations over Rs 500 from PAN card holders.

 3. You could also help by spreading the message by forwarding this email to your friends and family!

 Incase you would like more details please feel free to email me or visit :-

 Thanks for taking time out to read this and please try and spread the cheer this season by spreading the Atma message to your family and friends!



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