Praying for Radha :)

Let me begin by stating I’m a strong and brave Power Puff Punjabi kudi…there are very few situations I think I can’t handle or cope with.

Having stated that I’m gonna admit that I have the lamest fears in life – fear of cows ( haha yeah I know lame for a girl whose cool around roaches and rodents and reptiles) and fear of blood…

So when my friend approached me to donate blood for little Radha a 4 month old baby girl whose been in NICU at a SoBO hospital I knew my fears had to take a back-seat…

Donating blood is a really noble cause , helping somebody recover,heal or even live is wonderful isn’t it ! Of course when donating blood you gotta be careful about the needle etc but most hospitals are pretty conscious these days.

Post donating blood I expressed interest in seeing little Radha( totally love the name ! ) . A little about Radha – born to a Kanpur based couple after they suffered from 2 terminated pregnancies , Radha came into their lives on Janmashtmi day this year… She’s realllllly tiny and is bleeding all the time and requires a bottle of A+ve blood each day (imagine that !) But I think she’s gonna make it…you know why ?

1. She’s a fighter , you can see it … Even at the NICU with all the zillion machines plugged in she was blinking , almost acknowledging and understanding the situation and people…

2. Her parents – I met her dad and I know that she’s got their prayers and blessings and the faith and positive energy exuded by him was inspiring ! He’s been at the NICU for 4 months , away from work (kanpur) and has invested more than 20+ lakhs in 4 months to help her and yet he greeted us with a smile !

So much to learn from people and life !

3. She’s got 6 other NICU parents praying for her and loving her and working for her (like my friend who contacted her people for donors). It’s warming to see selfless acts of love and generosity when they themselves are in need of patience and faith !

4. She now has my blood in her system and hence my power puffness has been transferred to her ! 🙂

I want to thank my friend for being so selfless and warm and kind and I’m sure she will benefit from this good karma !

I want to thank my boss for letting me spend an hour doing this deed on a busy Monday morning , just before I go on leave this week. Cha-ching Megha , good karma points credited 🙂

And to all the ridiculous parents who care about whether its a girl or a boy ! Shame on you ! Care if the baby is healthy or not !!!

I’m praying for Radha and her little friends(esp Veeru) in the NICU and hoping they get better and are discharged soon , so they can go home to their families…please spare a minute to pray as well ! Thank you SAK and Radha for helping me overcome my fear today 🙂

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