Winds of change…

Don’t misunderstand me for a pessimist. I am that bright,happy girl who looks for the positive side in everything…

Yet I have to admit that things are changing…I look around and see winds of change. Part of the “Global” generation , I have friends scattered across the globe and have had the luxury of extensive travel and a Global education. As a result of this I am one of those fortunate few who have seen the benefits of living in India and also acknowledge the lack of basic infrastructure here or as you may put it the ‘Sorry state of Affairs’.

But this post is not about that,no not at all … I woke up this morning and one of my closest friends from UK texted me saying she was made ” redundant” at her firm. So far I’ve been hearing stories of people being let go but none have hit home like this one. I know she’s ok about it , she’s been working on a plan of her own for about a year and is not the bread winner for the family, so its all good but it still has made me think about the state of affairs around us.

Expats in Mumbai are used to living the better life and enjoying luxuries that their Dollar/Pound salaries afford them , many of them live a very different life back home.. Many of us ‘Desi’ kids too have become accustomed to multiple holidays , shopping sprees and fancy dining experiences this past few years…
It’s not like our folks did not have the opportunity to , in fact they’ve always had it but the spending habit differences between the 2 generations are stark and striking.

They’ve preferred the simpler life to the one the younger more ‘Globalised’ generation has now begun taking for granted…

I’m not one to judge , I’m a proud member of the latter and have been trying to balance the best of both for a while now..yet I’m now begining to acknowledge the winds of change and the need to gear up for tougher times ahead…Maybe it’s time to switch to a slightly simpler lifestyle for a while and to have a plan B….

What do you think ?

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