An evening with Annie !

With all the weddings and traveling I’ve been doing my time with Annie has really really reduced….It’s now on my New Year Resolution to spend more time with her in 2012. I saw her after almost 2 weeks day before and boy is she growing into a pretty dog or what! Meeting Annie is always great, infact heart warming and wonderful is more apt to describe the meet .

Annie and I went for a run on Carter road and my puppy is now growing stronger and faster (not that I am complaining in any way ). We covered a distance of about 4 km and we walked and ran and played and by the end of it I could tell that she was ready to go home, happy and tired from her evening with me. Of course I too enjoyed the evening and look forward to lots more in 2012

P.s. We normally take Annie out for walks to Carters and that’s where she does her daily big job. She’s a very well-trained dog and we always carry a plastic poop-scoop bag with us. I think it’s very necessary that Dog owner’s are careful and conscious of their Dog’s activities and the effect on the people around. I have seen lots of Pet owners who do not clean up after their pets even though they can be ( and should be ) fined for this.


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