My 2012 resolutions

Wow it’s already the 27th of December ! The year just flew by… I mean really , I think time just passed in 2011..The year’s has had its up and down moments and has taught me a lot but I think it was a ‘faster’ year than 2010.

Like every year I’m chalking up my New Year resolutions for 2012 and while the list is fungible I do try to do as much on the list as possible !

1. I want to complete my resolution to learn Spanish(fluently) , a carry forward from last year…sigh

2. I want to restart learning the Piano. It hit me over this weekend that no matter where I travel in the world I always spot a Piano at the hotel and it’s fun to be able to just sit on the stool and play a song … Just for kicks (yeah I know sounded cooler in my head) :p

3. Learn to play Squash. I love sports and think that each year I should pick up a new one….

4. Pick that DSLR this year ! It’s been on my list forever ! I’ve even ‘inspired’ a friend to pick hers up and she’s been clicking away happily at holidays etc

5. Travel to 1 new country and 1 new Indian city. 2011 was a decent travel year but I’m hoping 2012 will be better ! I have Seoul on my mind and perhaps Rishikesh in India , but let’s see…

6. Save ! The idea is to try to save more money,paper,time,electricity,fuel and water ! I think it’s essential that we begin valuing the natural resources we are fortunate to have…

7. Swim more ! I hit the pool 2 weeks back in Lanka after a very very long time and realised it’s a shame for somebody who represented the district and state in swimming to be so out of touch with their favourite sport… So aim is going to be to hit the pool atleast once a week to start with…

So far these are things on my list , though I’m sure I’ll be adding loads more by this weekend 😉

What’s your resolution for 2012 ?

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