CNN Go recently published a list of 10 new ( best) restaurants in Mumbai. The link is http://www.cnngo.com/mumbai/eat/mumbais-10-best-new-restaurants-2010-097677 .

As I went through the list I realised that I have been able to cover 8/10 of these. Except Smoke House Deli and the Cafe in Juhu I have been able to grace all others with my presence. They’re all great places and writing their reviews has been on my ‘ to write about ‘ list for a while…..

I guess I could add that to  my New year resolutions…to be a proactive blogger and procrastinate a little less about the reviews…

Coming up in early 2012 :

1. Sri Lanka- the must do’s and please don’ts.

2. Restaurants and Shopping in Thailand

3. Delhi through a Mumbaikar’s eyes..

4. Restaurant reviews ( all 8 on the list and more !)

Just for the record I ❤ Suzette and they’re opening up in Bandra ( Pali Hill ) in 2012….yipeeee !


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