Ending the year with VA

Tuesday evening I was invited to attend a concert at the Bandra Fort in Mumbai. I never knew that we had an open air amphi theatre there ! The evening was truly magical. The weather was perfect ( one of the coldest evenings in Mumbai in years), the company was great ( my dear VA and her nephew Varun ) and the music was even better.

Shafqat Amanat Ali in my opinion is a great singer but what I learnt this week was that he is an even better performer ! He kept the audience swaying and singing to his music the entire time , despite the cold weather that Mumbaikars are usually not equipped to handle.

Haven’t heard of him ? He’s a Pakistani singer and his claim to fame are songs like “Mitwa”,”Dildara” and “Yeh Honsla”. He also was the first artist to record a song for MTV’s Coke Studio. I was sooo moved by his music that I bought his songs and now they’re on my playlist.

A truly magical evening and also the last one I spent with Va in 2011 as the next day she flew out to celebrate NYE with the Yankees. What a perfect note to end the year on eh 😉 ❤

p.s. Video/pictures coming up !


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