The 1st January Rule

Silly as it may sound I have a theory that whatever I do on the 1st day of the month I shall do it again during the year.

Last year I had begun doubting it since I was in Sri Lanka for New Years but 2011 has been proof enough that this theory is not totally off. I travelled almost every month on 2011 ( totally unplanned) and I ended up in Sri Lanka again in the same year ! What are the odds of that !

So now I am going to try and make a list of things to do tomorrow , so I can do them over and over in 2012. I will be spending NYE with friends in Mumbai , but I do hope I get to travel half as much in 2012. Sigh !

What is it that you will be doing on the 1st of January 2012 ?


3 thoughts on “The 1st January Rule

  1. Hopefully receive my first Android phone that I ordered :P. Otherwise I have nothing planned. Happy new year and hope your theory works out :)!

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