My takeaway from 2011 :)

2011 is over and as I look back at a year that almost flew by my heart is filled with mixed emotions.

In many ways (both good/bad) 2011 has been a life altering year for me and for that and the lessons it has taught me I am grateful.

– I found Annie in 2011 , she is nothing short of a miracle and her entry into our lives couldn’t have been timed better. She turns 1 in a few weeks… 🙂 🙂

– I did a fair bit of travel in the year and saw and met some gr8 people. I have been fortunate enough to have covered a variety of themes of travel this year.

– I revived my blog. I have learnt to share what I feel through my words and in most cases it’s me writing for me more than anything else 🙂 and I hope it continues through 2012. Like Va said the other day for Twitter- it helps me think aloud and be me …

– I lost my granny , the biggest blow on the personal front for me 😦 but she is up there watching out for me of that I’m confident. I will always love her 🙂

– I switched jobs ! Yes ! Unplanned and scary,it was a decision I made and in many ways it has impacted life and made things vv different. So far so good !

– New additions to my family : Baby K and Baby Abhir and of course my cousin’s wife Seemz 🙂

– I’m fitter than I was this time last year and have resolved to keep the theme going for 2012 as well.

– I wore my first proper Saree this year at my friends wedding ! 🙂

– I started driving more regularly this year , something I hadn’t done since I moved back !

– I was always proud of being my parent’s daughter but I learnt more about them this year and appreciate what they’ve done for us and their achievements and continue to do , a LOT more than maybe 2010. I love u guys and I know I got really lucky in that dept 😉 xxx

My biggest take away is to learn to NOT wear my heart on my sleeve ! In any context actually…the rule 2 of 3 applies to any sort of relationship and its one I plan to follow diligently !I’ve learnt that often people are not how they seem and time is the best way to know who they really are ! My eagerness to ‘help’ or be ‘friendly’ has backfired in the past and it’s time to take a chill pill !

I have also learnt that people seldom change and one should not think/believe that they will be the ‘Game Changer’ in someone’s life ‘coz that’s rare and how !

I’ve learnt that actions speak louder than words…

I have learnt that self respect and reputation are as precious and essential as O2 and nobody comes before these 2…

I have also learnt that not everybody can be pleased or that not everybody will like me for the fun/crazy/genuine and slightly traditional yet very friendly and unique person that I can be…and I’m totally down with that ! People have a right to their perceptions and opinions and all I need to do is focus on my good karma and live on and focus on my family and close friends who love me for me …

I embrace 2012 wiser and stronger , empowered by lessons learnt in 2011. I know the people who love me and really care and they’re the only ones that matter !

I’m hoping 2012 will be a FANTABULOUS year with good health,travel,fun and lots of positive experiences in-store for me !

Happy New Year and let’s get the party started ♥

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