Why do people run ?

When I run I feel like I am in control of things , I feel free and light . It makes me target my energies to a goal that I set , one that makes me push my limits. It helps me think…

With every step I feel more empowered and free. My run time is my own..no phone calls or messages or people disturb me. I am one with my music and that’s all that I need to keep me going !

With less than 2 weeks to the race I now need to focus on eating right and staying fit… There is nothing that matters more than to finish the race and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Friday I jogged/walked 17 km in 125 min in the park ( speed walked most of it) .Not too bad , given the 2 week hiatus due to festivities…

Now is the time to push myself to do 21 atleast twice before the race and to remember that the morning of the race at 5 30 am will be cold and harsh and the road will not be my friend but that I will do it and get it off my bucketlist… 🙂

Keep running !


2 thoughts on “Why do people run ?

  1. This is great! I feel the exact same way. When I run I feel invincible. I feel more creative, determined, strong, capable, & focused than any other time! I really feel some of us were born to run. Looks like you are one of them. 🙂 dara

    • 🙂 I don’t know if I am born to run…it’s something new for me , I am more of a swimmer but I’m willing to test if I am one 🙂

      Kepp running dear !

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