The time has come…

I woke up this morning feeling FAT. People have bad hair days I on the other hand have “Feeling Fat Days” !

I’m a very fit and health conscious person and at some point I know I maybe over dramatizing the current “shape” of affairs but I do know that thanks to the Gazillion Weddings and the lack of working out EVERYDAY and my hectic travel months of November – December I have gained 5 pounds that will not be missed 😦 .

So here is my gr8 plan to shed them ASAP :-

1. Follow my running schedule ( also since only 10 days remain for the Big Race).

2. No eating outside food…PERIOD.This includes popcorn at movies,colas,chocolates,frozen yoghurt, dinners, lunches , brunches . Only coffee consumption is permitted (‘coz I do want to have a social life after all :p)

I know I may have said this before but the one time that I stuck to this rule for over 2 months I lost alllll that extra weight and ended up feeling and looking a lot healthier than where I started off from. So as part of my ever-growing list of resolutions I’m taking up the challenge of not eating outside food until 1st of February 2012.

I hope to last on this one :)….time will tell I guess !


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