Race Day !

The #scmm Mumbai Marathon is just hours away and it’s an event I have been looking forward to for the past few months !

What initially started off as an item off my ‘bucket list’ has now grown to become one of my biggest passions ! I’ve never been a runner , this is alien to me and is a sport I have grown to like…

Tomorrow will be my first attempt at running the Half Marathon and while I have been training for it and was gunning for a timing of 2.5 hours , the fact that I tripped at the cinemas today and hit my knee is now posing a big problem !

Will I run tomorrow ? Of course ! Will I match my time ? I’m not too sure… I’m so excited about tomorrow’s run that sleep evades me…

I’m most kicked about the 5 km sea link stretch that I’ll get to run , a road otherwise closed to pedestrians this is a once in a year chance for me to run it. I’m also looking forward to being past of the spirit of Mumbai , the city I love and the city that is me…

I’ll meet Va post her dream run and my half and we will head to grab a bite and celebrate our race !

A big shout out to all my fellow runners ! Whatever your age,cause and physical condition keep running !

If you’re reading this please pray I complete the race in time and my knee behaves itself tomorrow !

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