The 2.5 hours that changed the way I view life !

Mumbai ran…not just a small bunch of people… I’m talking 35000 Mumbaikars from all walks of life , different age groups and strata of society , some able and the others not so lucky… They all ran !

15th January 2012 Mumbai witnessed the spirit of Mumbaikars along with the rest of the country.

We are known for our ‘chalta hai attitude’ and for ‘minding our own business’ but that morning we all ran for a cause – some personal (health,fitness,bucket List items) and some ran for charities and causes like education , cancer awareness etc.

I ran too ! If you’ve been following me on this Blog you will be aware of the great fall on the eve of my half marathon. Unsure and in pain I reached the start point(much to mom’s chagrin) for the race @ 5 30 am on Sunday morning. I HAD to give it a shot !

Determined to atleast try,the practical person in me had come to terms with the fact that completing even about 5 km (length of the sea link) would be a feat with my limping and freshly injured foot 😦 …

The race began and thousands of people of all casts,creeds,religion , color and shape were on that link. Some ran,some jogged and some plain walked. I thought I should go all out since I would only finish the link and so I began running.

The weather was perfect – not too cold nor too warm and not very humid ! (Thank God) . As I ran and looked around I saw the sun rise over the Mumbai skyline.. It was so beautiful that the shutter bug in me almost stopped to take a picture…the sky was painted in hues of orange and lavender and there was a moment when my heart skipped a beat just looking at it…

I kept running and to my right I saw the 42km runners , @milindrunning was spotted and so was @sidharthamallya looking fitter than ever ! Since this is India (TII) there was also a stray dog on the link attempting atleast a part of the full marathon… 🙂

My thoughts on reaching the end of the link – oh well not so bad , my foot hurts a bit but maybe I can push myself a bit more… I kept pushing myself and drew inspiration from my fellow runners(older people, disabled people and people who were unfit !) and from fellow Mumbaikars who had taken the effort to wake up @ 6 am to cheer us on !

I managed to pull through till Peddar road but it was the slope that made me feel the stinging in my knee. 13 km in and I had tears in my eyes ( Thank God for my wayfarers) …I never give up and this was something I had trained for ( 2 months of my evening runs and careful diet) and had on my bucket List to do…my mind and body were not in sync right then 😦 my heart was racing , my body in pain and my head – well it pushed me to try just a little more !

I don’t remember too much from Bablunath onwards and to be very honest if I were to go back in time and were to do this again with my aching knee I probably wouldn’t … Funny thing is I kept cheering fellow runners trying to get them to keep going… 🙂
I remember this dude running next to me @ Babulnath figured I needed that push to keep me going…we were almost there – 16 km into a 21km race … This guy ran with me till the end and we pushed each other to keep running . I also spotted my friend Dimple ( who runs every year and is an inspiration in ways more than one 🙂 ) and I was like its ok I can do it – just a little more !

The Relispray booths after the 14th km were Godsend. I must’ve sprayed half a bottle through the race but it gave me momentary relief – just enough to keep me going..

I have no recollection of my run from the stretch on Marine Drive till the finish line … The pain was too much and it was ‘Mind over body’

    for me more than anything. I remember collapsing at the medical centre and sitting with an ice pack on my knee proud and beaming with joy !

    A 21km run isn’t climbing Mt. Everest. For many of you reading this you would’ve done this before and maybe even the Full Marathon…yet this race signified many things for me –

    * I ran 21km (#scmm Half Marathon) for the very first time.
    * I got to run on the sea link 🙂 🙂 yay !
    * I ran and completed the race in spite of my fall and everybody advising me against it. (Tested every drop of grit in me).
    * I finished the race in 2.5 hours !! ( I was clocking 2 hours 10 min before my fall and the fact that my Relispray pit stops and limp just added 20 odd minutes is gr8 !)

    This race has reaffirmed my belief that if we set our mind on something we can surely achieve it ! Atleast I can !! ❤

    P.s I am in no way recommending you run post a fall or injury. Please consult a doctor before you do !

    As for my knee it’s healing and getting back to normal. After a 2 week hiatus I have resumed my walks and jogs and can’t wait for the Delhi and Mumbai Marathons in 2012 and 2013 respectively …

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