Purpose of life…

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of our life is ? In the Bhagvad Gita there is a part that talks about how our life as a human comes after many re births (as other objects/creatures) and how we are closest to obtaining ‘Moksha’ or ‘Nirvana’ if we do the right stuff in this life….

To be honest , all of that is great but I like keeping life simple and hence I’ve followed a couple of fundamental rules to help me find the purpose of my life and to enjoy the journey while I do that 🙂

– I’m a major believer and subscriber of the law of Karma and I try to sow as I would like to reap (as much as I can). This helps me keep life simple and ‘fair’ in my head 🙂 Simple and honest living as much as I can !

– I try to actually make a difference everyday ! Not necessarily via a charity or volunteering ( I do those too ) but by simple acts of warmth or kindness that may seem silly and trivial to somebody else , but they make me and that one other smile – letting a kid or old person cross the road when I’m driving ( even if it means people in cars behind me get annoyed by the 30 second delay) , complementing somebody if they’re looking nice , trying to put myself in the other persons shoes to be more understanding or just plain and simple smiling at somebody 🙂 (maybe it’s the only positive moment in the day for them).

– I try to learn and grow each day ! I’m always up to try new things ( food,sports,places ). My never say die spirit often gets me signing up for events & classes and that always ends up being fun !

– I love meeting people from different walks of life. I’m always up for making friends and learning from those around me – often misunderstood , I think this is one trait I’m super proud of !

– Last but not the least I try to be very pragmatic and positive – why waste precious time over things and people that are not worth sulking over ! I mean if its meant to be it will right ? Don’t mistake this for complacency or lack of drive ( I got loads) I’m just trying to use it where it counts most 😉

What’s your mantra in life ? Do you have rules to live by as well ? Do you have a purpose figured out ?

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