Funday Sunday @ The Races

Every year a bunch of my girlfriends and I head out to enjoy the good weather and get our annual doze of ‘Happy•Shiny•Beautiful’ people at the Mumbai Derby hosted by Vijay Mallya’s Signature. Our invites come courtesy my friend ‘Batman Ro’ who in my opinion is one of the most hardworking people I know !

The event is a lot of fun because its usually a mixed bunch of girls that get together to dress up, catch up and have a lot of fun.

This year was no different and the 6 of us headed out to the race course in Mumbai on a bright and cool February Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect and we were ‘geared up’ to have a lot of fun ! Of course where I go my camera goes but this year was a year where we were surrounded by photographers from Magazines and Newspapers and I was even interviewed by 2 TV channels.

All of us had Hats on and enjoyed the attention 🙂 . Sipping on wine and basking in the sun we giggled our way through the afternoon 🙂 Tired and hungry we headed out to grab a Pizza from Ray’s in Bandra and chilled out (our own version of ‘Sunday Sundown’) at a friend’s place at Carter Road.

For those of you girls who have never been to the races , here are a few things that you should keep in mind –

– Dress up ! Nothing qualifies as ‘over dressed’ at these races . Get your designer wear dresses and hats and sunglasses and head out.

– Wear sunscreen , it’s usually not HOT but is definitely sunny !

– Carry Sunglasses

– Dont be camera shy ! If you’re getting clicked enjoy it ! No point being a drama queen !

– Stay hydrated ! Keep sipping water through the event …

– Wear comfortable but pretty footwear . The event is a lot of standing and walking (in the grass) so avoid stilettos(I always regret not doing this). Platforms are best as long as they don’t kill the look !

– Enjoy yourself , carry change ! Try and bet a 100-1000 rupees through the day and figure how the races work !

All in all it was a Fabulous day and we ended up in the Times of India the next day ! Looking forward to the Races 2013 !

P.s. Pictures to follow ! 🙂

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