Phat to Fat to Phat again !

Ok so maybe i’m being a Drama Queen (DQ) as Avii says , but the fact is that in the 2.5 months since I ran the Mumbai Marathon ( #scmm) I have gained about 3 kgs ! Yes that’s terrible , given I was almost there ! I had just about touched my dream weight and fat : muscle percentage 😦 😦 .

Blame it on the yummy food , gazillion weddings and well to be honest laziness but this has gotta STOP !   I woke up this morning feeling bloated and fat and the weighing scale only confirmed my worst fears 😦

SOOOO…here’s my plan to shed the extr 3 kgs gained over the next 2 weeks and tone up again just in time for Avii’s rocking Goa wedding 🙂 ( Yes Bridezilla tales and uodates will follow ! but I do miss her at work 😦 😦 )

1. I quit anything sweet for a month – I know it sounds extreme but I just need to stop gorging on those cakes/tarts and pastrys until the beach wedding is over…Given that I have only sweet teeth and thats where all my calories come from I think if i manage doing this , there maybe hope for me after all ! I am allowed 1 cheat day in a week and allowed only frozen yoghurt from my favorite @yogurtbay but thats about it.

2. Increase my water intake – Summer is the best time to try losing weight and Mumbai summer has officially arrived ! You feel thirsty so want to drink lots of H2O and hence fill tummy /detox and feel less hungry. Target is to stick to the 2 lts of water I have been having . 1 lt through the day and 1 as I run. One must avoid water an hour before sleep time as you may feel bloaty on waking up. I got Va to try this – and she felt she actually dint mind drinking as much water this way !

3. Start eating Oats – yes you read it right Oats. It’s a great way to add fibre , feel less hungry and stay healthy. Oats can be used with milk or as a savoury treat ( oats upma).

4. RUN ! my dear running shoes have been ignored the past month or so – I did want to rest my knee( and spend more time with Annie walking her in my Reetones (which are fantastic btw and really effective) , yet there is no substitue for running ! I plan to follow this routine :-

(I want to target breaking  2:15 in the 2013 Half Marathon so it’s important i keep training all year round).

5. Try the Zumba – yes this is my new thing to try for 2012 and I am looking forward to it – it’s supposed to be very good for toning up and enjoying yourself while doing so ! ( more details to follow when I start this).

I am hoping this effort will be enough to help me shed 3-4 kgs of Fat and tone up by the 10th of April 🙂


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