I hate doctor visits , I’m one of those people who would die at the thought of being admitted to a hospital…

It is out of this fear that I usually try to live as healthy as I can – take my vitamins , eat healthy and exercise. However I’ve been bestowed with the gift of clumsiness 😦 and I am very accident prone…

Cuts,bruises and falls have been a part of my life and I have had the opportunity of exploring emergency rooms at hospitals in USA , Australia , India , Dubai , Singapore and Malaysia… Not something to be proud of but its just something I do 😦

Last night while playing with the kids (my friend’s neice and nephews are visiting from NYC) I hit my head against some wooden rod (some fancy thing in the building’s lobby) and ended up with a cut and a bump 😦 .

After spending the evening nursing the wound and icing it I retired for the day knowing that today would be a visit to the Holy Family Hospital and that I would be getting a tetanus shot 😦 😦 .

Awful way to start my day ! Its done now , the nurse said it wasn’t a big wound only a shallow cut and a bump that needs icing. If the bump persists then I may need to see a doctor – but I’m hoping it subsides by tonite 😦

I hate hospitals but somehow always end up in the emergency room for some cut or bruise 😦 😦 …

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