Catch 22

Have you ever been in a position where you feel there is no solution to the problem ? It may be a trivial one,but you feel trapped and silly at the same time ? Like no matter what you decide there is always a downside to it ?

I often face these situations….mostly when it comes to expectation management for people and for me. I guess using the following in the right context and time is the only way out for most situations.

1. Time is the decider – Yes , time will tell all. If you only have the patience to hang in there and see how things pan out without rushing into relationships, commitments on work front it will fare you well in the longer run. The catch here is an opportunity missed may never return ,but then again maybe it was never meant to be then. Being proactive v/s being aggressive , thin line differentiates these two but the outcomes can be very very different.

I guess this is true for relationships, I think learning to take it slow is key and getting to know people well is crucial. Be it  a romantic relationship or just friends. (3 rules of 3)

2. Think before you speak :- Often I have to catch myself from speaking my mind out.Not a cool thing to do,I was a believer of ‘ what you see is what you get’ makes life simple but maybe sometimes life would be easier and the world a better place if we din’t always speak our minds and say everything out aloud.Thinking before we speak v/s being fake and calculative. I guess it’s the motive that is the differentiating factor. I am still trying to master this one (far from it).

3. Less is more :–  I guess less is more is a good rule to follow but I am sure there are situations when less is less and more is needed. It’s important to learn to identify these situations and act accordingly….

I guess every situation demands something different and teaches us something new in life….

Are there any Catch 22 situations you have landed in recently ?


Share your views !

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