There comes a point in the year when your body is itching to take a break from the mundane and annoying Life that we lead. Some people have many such points in their year, yours truly being one such ‘gifted’ individual. I often joke that I “will work to travel” if life would give me the chance to.

I am a social and fun loving person, who is flexible with the quality of my holiday (can range from a backpacking trip with friends to a 7 star luxury stay) just as long as it’s a new place and I have my camera Jand good food of course!!! 

With the Financial year coming to a close this weekend, I think the time has come for me to plan the next trip. The last year was a kind year for the traveler in me. I managed 13 small trips – 3 of which were international and exceptional as it was, I hope to do at least 6 trips – of which at least 2 should be international and to new destinations. 

So far this year has been a boring one on the travel front 😦 by this time 2011 had me take 3 trips to Sri Lanka , Delhi and Indore and 2 of them were first time ever visits. 

I think my time to travel this year will begin with trip #1 to my favorite place in India – GOA. I did 2 trips to Goa last year and though my first ever visit to Goa was only in 2005, since then I have visited the city 8 times.

Goa in the 2nd week of April will be HOT but it will be a fun trip – my friend Avi is getting married to the love of her life J( yayyy) and we are all heading to the beach city to make it a memorable wedding. Given that it’s on the beach ( and given I missed Miss Malini’s FUNtastic Goa Wedding in Feb due to crazy work deadlines) I really am looking forward to it and have 20 days to whip myself into beach worthy shape.

I have been struggling with my recently gained 3-4 kgs and while I have managed to drop about half a kg since I last whined about it online I still have an easy 3.5 kgs to go. This calls for an extreme measure ( crazy running and working out) and control on my diet ( so difficult thanks to the wonderful foodies I have for friends !). 

Beach body or not – GOAAAAaaaaaa here I come, 20 days and counting down! 🙂 

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2 thoughts on “#ineedaholiday

  1. Yes I am off to Goa for now , its a friends wedding and will be a lot of fun. Goa is a beautiful place , beaches + good food what more can anybody want !

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