Being Robin :)

“And then, just like that every once in a while something extraordinary happens that makes you realize that Life is Beautiful” – Tiara 

  If 2 weeks back somebody had asked me if I was fond of kids I would’ve said umm yeah I guess but I love dogs! Ask me now and my revert to that is I love kids and dogs! What is it that happened in 15 days that changed my opinion?


I became Robin!

 My friend VA (often mentioned in my posts) had her sister and niece and nephews visit her from NYC in March. When she first mentioned their plans to me in February my first reaction was “oh! Guess that means I’ll see you after they’re gone”. Little did I know at that point that something would change for me forever! I would go from being just Tiara to being Robin (massi/aunty).


Enter ILA (8), Avi (7) and Ari (15 months): the 3 most adorable and wonderful children I have met. I met them while walking Annie one evening and the fact that they had taken to Annie so well (they hugged and kissed her and fought over who would walk her) touched my heart. Annie of course loved the attention!


What started off with an evening out walking Annie (accompanied by 2 kids and 1 baby in a stroller) went on to become 2 amazing weeks of pasta, waffles, lucky charms, diapers and fro – yo. Food did dominate our evenings but so did taking Annie out for a walk and movie rental plans J One evening out with the kids on our way for Fro-Yo @yougurtbay the kids realized that Va is Batman and I am Robin and my car is the Bat mobile (since its black and all that) and that’s how I became Robin (massi). I kind of love the name and now in that household that is what I am called….. 🙂  

 ILA is a wonderful little girl. As you can see she is gorgeous and will grow up to be quite a stunner. Responsible and kind, ILA helps her mother a lot especially with the baby – which in my opinion is wonderful for an 8 year old. She’s pretty but isn’t one of those girls who would spend hours in front on the mirror – she is more like me , ready to make a fun plan and go running and use her time productively. What is really special about her is that is gentle with her brothers but will not be bullied by them 🙂 patience is a virtue she has been gifted with and though she is quiet and takes time to open up , I think once she does she will love unconditionally. I think the inflection point for her was somewhere between the evening out in my Bat Mobile as we drove out for Fro-Yo singing loudly (totally out of tune) and the afternoon when I was chatting with her and braiding her hair (when she said she hates braids and I was like yeah me to! lets do something fun!)


Avi is a brat gone good! He is so cute and cuddly and really bright! I mean there is bright and there is really bright. Want an example? VA and I were with the kids at Lemon Tree Café in Bandra and post our meal (that comprised of pasta and fanta floats loll) VA was given the satisfaction survey to fill. VA was thinking aloud when she looked at me and said “I wonder why no matter where I go I am always given the survey form to fill”. To this Avi (7) replied – Massi (Aunty) maybe ‘coz you look like a millionaire and they want to know why a millionaire would eat here again so they can get more of those!!! I mean is that bright or what!?

 From what I hear Avi used to be a brat and has really toned down. Being the child sandwiched in the middle, I am sure he loved the attention he got from VA and me.  With really smart questions that ranged from marketing surveys to why Hulk’s pants should rip apart when he bulks up! (I mean they should, shouldn’t they) this boy is full of life and mirth and a LOT OF LOVE. I’ll be honest for me the first week was all about Avi (because ILA can be a little reserved initially).

Ari (15 months) got his name because he was born the month his folks got their Ferrari! For real! He is the yummiest little baby who is ever smiling (imagine I did not see him cry more than once in 2 weeks). Being the baby of the household with a doting granny, 2 aunts and 2 older siblings who love him he is not new to being in the spotlight and he LOVES IT! Between diapers and siesta time I did manage to hang out with him a bit ( Annie and he had this thing going on…he wasn’t scared of her and she was so gentle around him! ) but I guess the next trip he will be more grown up and less fragile so we can chill together 😉

Yesterday the kids left Mumbai to go spend time with theDelhicrew for a week, leaving Annie + VA + Me sad and depressed. As a parting gifts to me this is what they left behind:

When I saw these I cried! I did not realize that I had gone from becoming Va’s friend to half massi ( Avi called me that for the longest time ‘coz you see I’m not a blood massi) to a FULL Massi ( as you can see in my Thank You Cards !)  🙂

 My learning from the 2 weeks with the kids:-

  • Annie is really amazing around kids, even the ones under 2.
  • Kids just need love – once they feel loved they listen to you
  • I am a dog and kid kind of person! Especially if the kids are as fun and smart and cute as the ones above
  • There is such a thing as unconditional love !
  • Every once in a while something extraordinary happens – last year we found Annie and this year I met these kids..
  • I miss my cousins and their Munchkins who stay outside my city 😦 I am missing out on their best years #ineedaholiday

 I LOVE BEING ROBIN! I mean wouldn’t you ?!?!!


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