Going Goaaaaahhhh…….

I recently blogged about wanting to go off on a holiday …..I write this post before I take off for a fun weekend in Goa for ‘Suvisha’s wedding’. So you know its going to be a fun holiday when the minute you get into the Mumbai airpot you spot @rahulbose1 and the entire Rajasthan Royals cricket team en route Kolkatta(of course picture was taken with Sreesanth and will be posted soon) !

So after Rach and I goofed around and she happily explored the Mumbai domestic airport (she’s never flown domestic before – she’s flown in from Hong Kong for the wedding) we’ve boarded our little jet konnect flight and are all set for Goaaah !

Pictures to follow of course ! Finally #imonaholiday 🙂


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