A ‘Filtered’ Saturday evening :)

Saturday evening’s original plans involved an evening at NCPA followed by dinner and while (unfortunately) tickets to the Kodaly Quartet’s performance were all sold out by the time we got there, I actually think it turned out to be a really fun evening – we ended up visiting a cool store, I visited Leopold the first time ever, followed by a great dinner at Indigo and then Tetsuma for drinks !

The evening was calm and peaceful and really what the doctor ordered for post the hectic weekend inGoafor “Suvisha’s” wedding…..

We started off the evening by a quick visit to this store – Filter which is a small design store tucked in the street that also houses Ayub’s and Kitsch (Fliter is across the street from Kitsch). My friend is setting his apartment up and has been scouting around for cool artifacts and photographic prints and is really into design and photography (also read as picky and choosy) so when he suggested we visit this store I knew it must definitely be worth a peek.

We were late and the staff was just about to lock up and leave for their weekend but was kind enough to let us into this all white yet really interesting store. The store is owned and run by Ad Executive Alok Nanda and team  and as you walk in the wall on the left is lined with cool coffee mugs and post cards and t shirts resting on shelves and to the right there is an entire wall dedicated to frames of pictures that seem to have been inspired by Frida Kahlo’s artwork   (I’ve always liked her style and my friend too liked the cheerful bright colors and almost wanted to get one of those paintings for his living room).

The store houses a highly ‘filtered’ selection of prints, magazines, STATIONERY (yeah I know what more can a girl ask for!) mugs, notepads and even some fashion accessories (tribal neckties, sunglasses and even funky clutch bags). One will also find that most of the stationery is made from recycled paper and will be delighted by the range of one-off framed posters and pictures (my friend has his eye set on this really cool one that is actually a photograph taken in one of Mumbai’s heritage buildings and is beautifully framed and priced around Rs 10,000-14,000). If he get’s it I will take a picture and post it soon (I love the picture and am hoping he does).

What I love about Filter: –

  • They house eco friendly recycled products,
  •  Have almost a ‘curated’ selection of items thus setting it apart from the other design stores around.
  • The staff was courteous, not nosy and yet helpful and were even ready to home deliver the photograph.
  • Items are well priced and offer great gifting options.

What I bought:-

  • I actually bought “sud-free” detergent (just for kicks). What caught my eye was the label that read ‘can wash your Dior’ and is well priced too Rs 160 for 250 gms.

What I want to get:-

  • The cool picture that my friend and I love! (Fingers crossed that he gets it).

So I know I am sort of late in discovering this store but I am sure I will be frequenting it enough to make up for it – totally recommend a visit !

What I don’t like –

  • They’re closed Sundays L so for the fortunate lot that work 6 days a week – a visit maybe difficult.

Address: – Shop No.3, 43 V. B. Gandhi Marg, Near Rhythm House Kala Ghoda  www.filtershop.in

Phone 022- 22887070

Working Hours: – Monday to Saturday, 11am to 7.30pm; Sunday closed L



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