Finding Chez Moi

Less is more – especially when it comes to expecting things from a new hangout or restaurant in Bandra. I mean seriously, how many times we have seen that little door pop up and then disappear within months of opening.

So when my friend suggested we head to Chez Moi to grab a quick bite I was really not expecting much out of the evening (he is new to Mumbai and has been spending time scouting places to visit and see …. But after this weekend I guess I should give him some more credit for his choices!)

As you step into Chez Moi you are immediately transported to a cute and cozy café with a European feel to it. Perfect for a casual and cozy date and even great to catch up over that ‘drink ‘we often have with buddies, this place has something for everybody. If drinking alcohol is not your cup of tea then you would find yourself sipping a mocktail (they don’t serve cocktails) or even a cuppa one lazy Sunday afternoon. 

My work from home buddy (yeah,I know c’est la vie) who frequents Pali Village Cafe has now more options in the area J . This breadbox-sized café that would seat about 20-25 is charming and to add to the feel they’ve used old clocks, wooden tables and chairs, cool photo posters from Paris (specially loved the ones above my table – a lady in red on the zebra crossing) and even play soothing music            (though the version of killing me softly that they played while we were there was doing just that lol).

What really grabbed my attention were their cool menu cards. They’ve taken pages off Vogue and L’offciel and stuck them together alternating between the actual food and beverage lists.

What we ordered – We weren’t very hungry so we actually decided to play it safe and just order mains and a drink each. Their red wine Sangria did not disappoint but the mocktail I ordered was only sugar syrup (it was a Sunrise something – the first one on their list – avoidable).

For food we stuck to Pasta in Pesto sans the sundried tomatoes and their classic margherita pizza. The pesto sauce was yummy but very creamy and the pizza was quite nice. Perfect for people like me who enjoy lean and crispy pizzas.

The name Chez Moi can be a little misleading as there were very few items on the menu with any French influence.

Since we were keeping it light we skipped desert (also gives us a reason to go back)

My verdict – I would definitely see myself go back again!

Address: – House no 13, lane opposite Lilavati Hospital, Bandra Reclamation, next to Candies,

Phone: –  +917738382407

Working Hours: -, open from 1 pm to 1.30 am

Pricing – Our meal cost us about Rs 1200 with alcohol.

Rating – 3/5 


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