Featured Artist : Kashish Parpiani

At 19 usually people have a sparkle in their eye and dreams that are yet to be fulfilled ( or figured out) . Some Tweens don’t even know what they want to do or be….this obviously doesn’t apply to 19 year old Kashish Parpiani , a photo journalist by passion and profession. I guess if photography and creativity is in your DNA then the fact that you start free lancing for the likes of HT and Mid Day at the raw age of 17 should come as no surprise nor should the fact that you cover the LFW Mumbai and your work is published in the Deccan Chronicle all at 19.

Kashish Parpiani ( Deccan Chronicle)

What really appeals to me about Kashish’s work is that he has an eager eye and possesses the ability to bring out the beauty in the most ordinary moments that we usually take for granted. His pictures tell stories in every frame.

A mass media student at Jai Hind ( yes TYBMM he says) Kashish has been the recipient of the prestigious Nikon Better Photography ‘Young Photographer of the Year’ Award in 2009 (Category-Wildlife) and has even published a 100 page book on Street Photography  alongwith his father and acclaimed photojournalist Mr. Mukesh Parpiani.

Jab we met – I met Kashish at a photography workshop last August. A newbie to the DSLR back then , he patiently guided me through using my borrowed Nikon D7000. We kept in touch since and even though we made a zillion plans to meet up they never seemed to materialize 😦 So when we decided to meet up last Saturday ( impromptu) we had so much to catch up on ! We plan to go explore Mumbai ( more like I will accompany him on one of his street photography expeditions :P)..looking forward to that !

His works are availble for viewing online and you may choose to follow @shootToframe

I see this boy go places ! Watch out for updates ! 🙂

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