Chop Chop

The summer season is coming to an end soon , with rain clouds hovering above our heads here is hot and humid Mumbai.

While I had been sporting my long hair for almost a year the Mumbai heat and humidity and the upcoming Monsoon season (June till September) made me wana go short…

‘Off with their heads’ the Queen said 🙂 well it’s something similar to that you see.. Last evening I walked into my favorite salon in this city Bblunt (Khar) where I had an appointment with Shefali Shetty (who is a rockstar and a perfectionist and knows tres magic) 🙂

I asked Shifu what I should do with my hair and while I just had a ‘trim’ in mind she sorta convinced me to go ‘short’. Nervously I agreed (coz I do trust her advice and leave my ‘head in her hands’ usually and coz she’s fab with her work). 2 hours later I now sport a very chic and bold bob….very French 🙂

The verdict so far :

My mom rolled her eyes at me and said ‘what have you done’ typical mummy style.She’ll come around and I had dicounted that one already 🙂

My friends (who I met with for dinner after) liked it – they thought it was chic and ‘sexy’.

Now I need to wait and watch what others say 🙂

Me – I like it – it’s a good change and my hair look so healthy! The idea is that we’ve chopped off all my treated hair leaving my head with a natural crop that we plan to grow out and leave untreated. I guess I’m gearing up for the rains 😉

Here goes nothing ! Fingers crossed 😀

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