7 rules to keep me fit !

While I love running and working out there are just days (even weeks at times) that I can’t get myself to go hit the track/ gym. Given that the monsoons are here, yes you read that right – the lazy season I really need to feel the love again and get over the inertia that has taken over and turned me into a couch potato off late.

Here are a couple of things that have been pushing me to get out there and hit the treadmill (yeah no more running in the park thanks to the wet season)

  1. Join a new gym: I recently enrolled myself into the new hip gym in the neighborhood, hoping that it may motivate me to visit it more often. New Gym = new and clean machines and new faces (hopefully some cute ones). So I joined on June 1st (annual membership) and have hit the gym 6 times so far – not as good as it should be but it’s a start.
  2.  Restate your work out goals: Why do you work out? What is your motivation? I’m a very goal oriented individual and knowing what I am trying to achieve helps me focus on it and work harder. Usually my goal to run/stay fit is to complete the Marathon but that is still about 8 months away. My current (short term) goal is that I have this beautiful Hervé Léger style bandage dress  that I would like to fit into by my birthday in 2 months and I just want to be fit enough to look good in it when I do . I also need to build muscle and work on endurance building exercises before the race season begins
  3. Work out with a friend: I like to work out alone but there are times (and a few people) when I would like to have friends around me even if they’re doing their own thing. It keeps me motivated and gives me a reason to go work out. While at my new gym I don’t really know anybody yet I do make it a point to take Annie out for a walk with TG or VA at least twice a week so it keeps us all fit and happy J .  I know a friend who calls me her running pal and has me on her speed dial. She says just when she is feeling lazy she calls me and gets me to pep her up / join her for the run. I wonder if that works for anybody else out there…
  4. Make ‘ME’ time: We are all busy people, we all have work and relationships and kids and pets and social commitments to meet. However making time for you is the most important thing in my opinion. Everyday commit at least 45 minutes of ‘ME’ time. Switch off from the world – no emails or phones during this time. This will help with relaxing and keeping your mind in balance. You could do yoga or join a dance class or even just read a book if you must, but this ME time is key.

I usually use my ‘Me’ time to walk Annie or to go for a walk / spin class. It helps me think and unwind. I have been thinking of taking Zumba lessons twice a week …..

5.   Build a playlist – Workout without music (good music) is a tedious task. I can run miles alone with my headphones in my ears as long as the beat’s pumping. I always update my playlist with the Top 40 singles and Billboard blockbusters and have separate playlists for cool downs, warm ups and also for pumped up runs. Everybody has that one song that gets them going…what’s your song?

6. Eat: Yes EAT. Eating pre work out is a good idea. Usually I try to eat atleast half an hour pre work out where I munch on a granola bar or have a fruit. Keeping oneself hydrated through the day also is an important way of keeping fit.  Eating right is key , after 2 months of eating out a lot I have come to a point where I refuse to eat out on weeknights and even if I need to I will opt for healthier options like soups and salads viz-a-viz my ever favorite pizza slice / risotto or pasta.

I am also off deserts till my birthday so as to reach my fitness goal in time.

7. Push yourself: – Nothing works better than pushing yourself to run faster and harder with each stride. Every step should make you feel more pumped up than the last. At the end of each work out you should feel proud of what you’ve achieved. To be honest the past 2 months I have been very lazy with the workouts and have in turn gained about 3 kgs that need to be shed to fit into my dress.

So I have now started keeping distance goals for my Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday workouts of 7 km-10km-15km and weight /endurance goals of 45 minutes weight training for Monday-Wednesday- Friday.

Sunday is my day to rest, as everybody’s body needs that to relax , heal and recuperate.

Let’s see how these 7 simple rules work for me. Do you follow any rules to keep healthy & fit ?


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